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Geekswithblogs.net, the End of an Era

Geekswithblogs.net, founded in 2003, had a very long run. The future of the site is now back in the hands of the original founder, Jeff Julian, and that is why you are here at Julian Farms or my consulting firm, Squared Digital.

What’s next? Glad you asked. I still believe there is a place for blogs in this digital era of the 2020s, but I don’t believe I have a full picture of what it should look like. We have Github, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, and many other ways to share content, but there is something missing. Also, the word Community does not mean the same thing it did when I launched Geekswithblogs. Everything is about profits and pushing products through Content Marketing efforts like blogging and I don’t feel the authenticity blogging once had is as easy to detect. Last thing I want to do is launch a site where non-developers are writing posts trying to get developers to try or buy a product. Microsoft is doing that with all their developer channels these days. No, I want real developers sharing real examples and solving real problems. Not to get a bunch of “points” or “credits” like the other sites to gamify the experience. Instead, to help the Community and make life-long friendships like we had in the first decade of Geekswithblogs.net.

So, for now, this will be a placeholder for Geekswithblogs.net. If you need a specific article from the site, check out the Wayback Machine to find it in the archives. Give me your feedback on what you think is missing and what you would like to see in the future.

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