Learning from nature to produce the very best.

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Natural Ingredients & Fine Quality

We are natural beekeepers managing a small apiary composed of horizontal hives. The only bee stock we work with is local queens and swarms. We never feed bees sugar, don’t medicate them in any way, and otherwise follow the natural beekeeping principles.

High Class Pollen

We've planted a pollinating palooza of native wildflowers to give our bees the very best.

Busy Little Bees

We have over 4000 bee's in our two hives. Every evening you can sit around the hives and see all the action.

It’s Yumma!

Our bees work hard to produce the best quality of honey around.

Coming This Fall

Fall of 2021 was our first batch, and they went fast! If you want to know when we have more, our supplies will be limited so please sign up for updates!