Learning from nature to produce the very best.


100% Natural

No vaccinations, medications, GMO's or synthetic chemicals. We use what the Lord gives us to produce the best.


Grass Fed

Pastured livestock and poultry are moved frequently to new paddocks, this offers landscape healing and nutritional superiority.



We currently raise chickens, broilers, bees and goats. We take care of them and they take care of us, just as it should be.

Farming Made Easy

Our farm is based on permaculture practices. Permaculture is an approach to land management and philosophy that adopts arrangements observed in flourishing natural ecosystems. It includes a set of design principles derived using whole systems thinking.

Meet The Farmers

With very little experience in farming and organic food producing, were learning from the best to make the best. We know that food quality needs an up swing in quality and we are making it happen.

Jeff Julian

tractor whisperer

Michelle Julian

queen of the bees

Brandon Julian

game control

Addison Julian

chicken ninja

Family of







The Finest Poultry Products

NO antibiotics, medications, sprays or tiny cages. Our chicks get fresh grass and the finest organic feed made right here in the midwest.

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